1st Place Cheryl Boeller
“Kate’s Daughter”

Lovely color scheme with lots of texture both in background and face. Although abstracted, the features tell a story.

Sunlite Path.jpg

2nd -Patti Slattery, “Sunlit Path”
Wonderful treatment of the watercolor medium. Lights lead you into and through the painting. Good balance of warms and cools.

The Play of Light XVI.jpg

3rd -Pat Dispenziere, “The Play of Light XVI”
Great use of complimentary colors and value make for an inviting painting.  Good mastery of medium.

Live figure Study, Model Chris.jpg

HM -Lilly Szulc, “Live Figure Study,

Model Chris”
I get a real sense of who the man is

from this drawing. Well executed.


HM - Barbara Kokaska, "Lagoon"

Lovely landscape...I want to  dip my toes in that cool lake.  Nice lead into painting.

Edge of the Water.jpg

HM -Sherry Chen, “Edge of the water”
Powerful painting, great use of values and neutrals. Good division of space.

HM - Pat Titus, “Heron”

The bird’s expression makes me laugh! Good use of complimentary colors.