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Supply List

List of recommended materials for Gretchen’s classes and workshops:


Canvases- A canvas no larger than 12x16. Centurion linen panels or stretched canvas are fine.

-These can be purchased at Jerry’s Artarama:  Use Oil Primed for traditional oil and Universal Primed for use with water mixable oils or acrylics.  Stretched canvas is fine too. If you prefer cotton canvas, please be sure to purchase a good quality such as Fredrix or Blick.  Pads of canvas sheets are great for exercises, be sure to mount the canvas sheet to a board with masking tape.


Drawing materials-

-Small drawing pad

-314 drawing pencils or 6B pencils, I recommend a soft lead! Or charcoal if you prefer.

-Kneaded eraser

-pencil sharpener



-A good palette about 12x16 inches. Masterson palettes are great with a piece of tempered glass for mixing your paints if you work in oil or water mixable oils.  If you work in acrylic, the Masterson comes with a sponge, palette paper, and instructions that will keep your paint from drying out.

-New Wave palettes are wood, light weight and great for mixing your oils on, if you are working in traditional or water mixable oils.


Rags, Towels, Containers

-rags or paper towels- blue Shop Towels are great and take a good beating

-a small metal container for your turpentine/Gamsol or plastic container for water

-spray bottle for water (for acrylic painters)

Brushes- Synthetic hog bristle for oils and water mixable oils, softer syntheticare recommended for Acrylics-

Recommended brands: Silver White, Connoisseur, Galleria or Rosemary & Company 

-Long handled flats-#2 #4 #8 and #10

-Long handled brights- #6 and #8

-Long handled filberts- #2 and #6

-Inexpensive 2inch brush for backgrounds


Tube Paint-

We will learn to mix color for our subject from a limited palette!  Here are the colors you will need for Traditional oils, water mixable oils, or acrylics-

-Burnt sienna, burnt umber, cadmium red light, alizarin crimson, Indian yellow (for water mixable oils, available in Holbein’s Duo Aqua and Cobra from Jerry’s Artarama) cadmium yellow light, French Ultramarine blue, Cerulean blue, and Titanium White.

If you are working in traditional oils, I recommend adding a tube of Gamblin Transparent Red Oxide to your tube paints.  If you are working in water mixable oils, this color may be available in Cobra Paints!  For acrylic painters, please have a painting medium that will keep your color flowing and slow down the drying time.


Painting Mediums-

A good painting medium is recommended such as Gamblin Safflower oil for traditional oils.

For Water Mixable oils, “Water Mixable Painting Medium”.

These mediums allow a more satin flow to your pigments.


Palette knives- Metal knives – one with a 3inch blade- for mixing paint, one with an inch and 

a half diamond shaped blade for painting detail.


For those working in watercolor-

Tube colors-

Gamboge yellow, cadmium yellow medium, cadmium red medium, opera pink,alizarin crimson, burnt sienna, burnt umber or Van Dyke brown, ultramarine blue, cobalt blue, turquoise blue, sap green, Pat’s Coastal blue from Cheap Joe’s or White Gouache, neutral tint, quinacridone gold.

Paper- 140 lb. cold press paper Arches or Fabriano, half sheet.  Please stretch or secure to a board with tape or staples.  I always stretch my paper in cold water for 20 minutes, then secure it to a gator foam board with staples. I then let it dry overnight.


1inch oval wash, 2inch background brush, large squirrel mop- #8 or 10. #6 rigger, #4 or #6 round.

Extras- Kleenex tissue, towels, water container.

Drawing materials- 2B pencil or mechanical pencil, kneaded eraser, small drawing journal or 9x12 pad.



Your Camera phone, Samsung, iPhone or iPad


Feel free to email me with thoughts or questions!

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