BASIC SUPPLY LIST for Wanda Honeycutt Workshop
“Vibrant Abstracts on Yupo Paper”

YUPO paper: at least 1 sheet—11”x14”
Heavy or medium weight WHITE...not clear or translucent

Have fresh, moist paint available, either in your palette or tubes.Any brand is fine.
*2-3 warm colors
*2-3 cool colors
* paint to mix darks/blacks such as Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna; or Phthalo Blue, Phthalo     Green and Permanent Alizarin
* Titanium White Gouache...IF you have it, not necessary to buy

Any of your favorite watercolor or acrylic brushes
Good to have 1 1/2” to 2” flat brush available

FOAM TOOLS: (see examples in photo)
***you need a minimum of:
-one dabber/make-up sponge, or pouncer
-one small 2”- 3” foam roller as used for art or home painting

Any size that can fit a 2”-3” roller

One or more plastic stencil that shows shapes, not objects.


In the workshop, you will be shown how to make your own simple stencil. If interested, have a utility blade and glossy 4x6 or
5x7 photo paper ready.

Many work well, such as Gatorboard, Plexiglass...


Paper towels
2 large water containers
Painters or Artists tape, 1/2” -1” wide
Spray bottle for water
Hair dryer
Pair of disposable gloves
Plastic ruler
Marking tools—spatulas, cork, texture combs, etc.

Cellulose Sponges, cut into small pieces, 1” x 2”

2” cardboard square, and or credit card

Jill Ridder Color Harmony Wheel...not required, but the best wheel Wanda has used

Mr. Clean sponge
1/4” Angle Shader brush, like Princeton Series #3950
Fluid Acrylic paint for fine line work
** suggested- bright gold, white, black, or iridescent colors Fine line dispenser bottles, like Deco Art writer bottles Rubber OR homemade stamps
Watercolor pencils—Derwent Inktense work well, any color

Black Aquarellable Stabilo pencil

Artist and Craftsman
Dick Blick
Cheap Joes, plan on long delivery time


For your reference, or if you want some new paints, here are some of my favorites:
Jill Ridder Color Harmony Wheel not required, but the best color wheel I have ever used!
Diarylide yellow ( by QOR)
Red Hot Mama (American Journey, Cheap Joes brand) OR Pyrrol Scarlet is very similar (Daniel
Cobalt Turquoise (Da Vinci) or Cobalt Teal Blue (Daniel Smith)
Helio turquoise by Horadam Aquarell/Schmincke or Peacock Blue by Holbein
Ultramarine Turquoise (Daniel Smith.)
Quinacridone Purple (Daniel Smith.)
Ultramarine Blue ( Daniel Smith or American Journey)
Burnt Siena (Daniel Smith)
Phthalo Yello Green (Daniel Smith)
Transparent Orange: (Horadam Aquarell, Schmincke)
Hanza Yellow Light by( Daniel Smith) , or Da Vinci yellow
Cobalt Blue (Daniel Smith or American Journey)
I don’t tend to paint with pinks or cool reds but when I do:
Here are a few that are not fugitive (fugitive means the paint is not light fast and can fade.)
Rhodonite Genuine (Daniel Smith)
Quinacridone Magenta (Daniel Smith)
Permanent alizarin crimson (Daniel Smith)
1 1/2” Flat Wash Princeton Heritage series 4050FW
1/4” Angle Shader Princeton Mixed Media series 3950
Have at least one.
Any plastic stencil you have is fine.
If you search for Artists Templates or Artists Stencils, or Architectural templates and French
Curve, you will find some interesting ones on Amazon.
It’s best to choose some that are just shapes rather than a recognizable object.
Some that I like are:
Crafters Workshop tcw-357 Template, 12 by 12
Crafters Workshop TCW6x6-248 Mini Cubist.
Deco Art, Skinner Mixed Media Snake’s Web Stencil

Wanda Honeycutt Foam Tools Photo


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