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Drew's Supply List for Workshop

-Stabilo ALL #8046 black Aquarellable pencil RECOMMENDED

(alternative brands—Generals, Derwent, or other reputable water- soluble black pencil)

-watercolor pencil in light blue, pink, orange or grey; also see Optional for great shadow colors


    1. small soft mop ( consider Raphael, da Vinci for $$$$ or Princeton and Cheap Joes pseudo squirrel for $$ options)

    2. synthetic #6 round with good point for details

    3. One flat ¼” for lifting color

-full sheet watercolor 140# paper which will be torn into 4pieces

(suggested brands: Fabriano, Saunders Waterford, Arches or BaoHong). For less expensive brand, choose the more superior Strathmore (yellow) over Canson (blue).


-hard waterproof surface like plexi or a clipboard for your 11x15  paper

-clips for holding your paper

-pencil sharpener 

-water container

-paper towels



-Caran d’ache Neocolor 2 Supracolor ll Soft series 3888 crayons in Beige 403 and Bluish Pale 371

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