Laura's Supply List for Workshop

Supplies and materials to prepare prior to workshop
Please read carefully

For this workshop, all students need to work with “Golden’s Gloss Medium,” the reason for
this acrylic medium is for the fusion of the papers with the heat seal iron and the image
1-Golden’s Gloss medium, small jar.
1-Golden’s Glazing medium, small jar.
1-12 x 12 140 lb. hot or cold press watercolor paper. We will prepare your substrate in workshop.
1 roll of Delicate painter’s tape (blue, yellow/green frog tape) must be delicate.
1-inch flat brush, 1 small round tip brush for details shadowing.
1 tube of baby wipes
1 roll of paper towels
1 pair of scissors
A pencil and ruler
1 roll of wax paper
Fixative spray, this is used for any drawing medium introduced to the collage steps and process to seal in place.
(Optional if using crayons or pastels)
Caran d’Ache Neocolor Crayons or pastels pencils (Optional)
Assortment of acrylic paints, Black and dark brown too.
Water container
Paper plates a few handy for paint palette
Hair dryer
10 pieces of assorted papers for collaging, keep the size of each paper not bigger then 81/2 by
Please find a variety of different papers. Old book pages, letter, maps, magazine pages,
recycled papers envelopes, gift bags etc. If you want to add some embellishment with acrylic
paints, stamping and stenciling do that all first before you coat both sides with Gloss.

Prepare your papers for the workshop. Coat with a brush, thin even layer of Golden’s
Gloss Medium on one side then other when dry. Store dried papers between wax paper.


Use newspaper under when coating papers, then move the papers to a drying rack or on
a dollar store plastic tablecloth on a table or if you have on the floor. You don’t want to
leave the newly coated collage papers on the newspaper it will pick up the newspaper and
stick to the collage papers.

Image transfer preparation

You will be sent a document with a variety of images to use that you can have printed out on computer paper with a laser or toner copier only.           

On the image side only apply three coats of Golden’s Gloss Medium. Please let each coat dry before applying the next one.


Contact info: Laura Lein-Svencner, or Home-630-655-4492, no texts