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The North County Society of Fine Arts is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of 
education and appreciation of art and artists in our community.

We exist as a non-profit because we do good things for our community.

Our fiscal year starts June1st and ends May 31st. All memberships are due June1st.
Your membership helps support the local arts with NCSFA's wide variety of programs, including this website.

Indiviual  - $35.00

 Family   - $46.00

Student  - $20.00

For new members, continuing membership and/or questions contact Reva Sandmeyer. 

If you join after March1st, your membership is good until June of the following year.

Please also consider donating to our Scholarship Fund. Anything you can give is greatly appreciated.

TAX-DEDUCTIBLE Membership Level with a donation

SILVER $65 ($30 donation and $35 for membership)

GOLD $105 ($70 Donation and $35 for membership)

PLATINUM $135 ($100 donation and $35 for membership)
The donation portion of your membership is tax deductible and will be earmarked for SCHOLARSHIPS
You will receive a receipt for your tax records

Two steps to register and receive "2" emails:


1.  Fill out the Membership Form, scroll to the bottom and click on SUBMIT.  The page turns gray or ghosts.  Scroll up and check the appropriate boxes for CAPTCHA.  By doing this submits your form and you should be receiving an email from Google.  (When complete, this initiates an email from Google).


2.  Then click on the blue arrow above the Pay Now, select your Membership type, then click on PAY NOW.
You can choose to pay by "Debit or Credit Card" or pay by PayPal.   When paying by credit card or debit card, you need to have it handy to fill out the appropriate sections.  Click on Pay Now.   (When complete, this initiates an email from PayPal that you will be receiving).


If you do NOT receive an email from one of the two above, please repeat that portion of the Membership which you did not receive an email from.  (Usually it is #1 above - Google - that has been an issue).

Individual $35.00 USD

Family $46.00 USD

Student (18 or under) $20.00 USD

Silver Level $65.00 USD

Gold Level $105.00 USD

Platinum Level $135.00 USD   

Please do not use all-capital letters. Please use the suggested format for phone numbers.

Click SUBMIT. SCROLL UP to see your confirmation response. If the form doesn't submit, answer all of the required questions and click Submit again.

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