Workshop #2

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

ZOOM format: 12:30 checkin, 1:00 start 2-1/2 hr workshop

ARTIST: Susan Woolgar

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: "Creating a Landscape in Acrylic"

This landscape workshop is designed to use the strengths of acrylic and pastel with a focus on value, pattern, composition and color harmony in the acrylic underpainting. Various ways of mark making with chalk pastel will be shown to strengthen the center of interest, and add variety and excitement to the surface.
If reference photos or prep are needed for this workshop, she will tell us at the demo.
Don’t miss it!

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Susan 2.jpg
Susan 3.jpg
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Susan is a Canadian artist who was raised in Calgary. After graduating from the Alberta College of Art, she freelanced for several firms in Calgary but soon realized she wanted to focus on creating her own art. 

Immersed in the fine art community in Calgary, she began to draw inspiration from the variety of landscapes found in Canada. Her works are based on these beautiful locations.

Susan teaches various classes throughout British Columbia and looks forward to more international travel. Her talents include painting in watercolor, pastels, mixed media, and print making. 

- a few sheets of watercolor paper, 12x18 will work
-acrylic CLEAR gesso
-acrylic paint in these colors: black, cad. yellow light, magenta, Phthalo blue, yellow ochre
-pastels such as Prismacolor NuPastels, or Michaels hard pastels basic set. Not necessary to buy  a huge set
-Soft pastels may also work; she can clarify her preferences at the demo/meeting.
-pastels in a black and a white are necessary

Also need:
Water container
Masking tape
Board for taping paper
Flat and round brushes in various sizes, not too small
Susan uses white bread slices for erasing

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