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NCSFA Virtual Events: Workshops and Meetings
We use Zoom for our virtual events. To get the most out of your events, you will need:

• A laptop computer, desktop computer, or tablet
• An internet connection
• (optional) Headphones with a microphone

Screen Size

It is recommended to use a laptop computer or desktop computer when viewing the live
demos so you can utilize a large screen. Using the Zoom App on a tablet or smartphone
works; however, there are fewer features and it is difficult to view all the detail on a
smaller screen.

Internet Connection
A good internet connection is very important. You will want to make sure you are
working within a reasonable distance from your router. For workshops, have your
computer or device near your painting area for best interaction with the instructor.

You will need to be able to hear the instructor and also be able to speak to them. If you
will be working in an area with a lot of ambient noise, headphones can be very helpful
for both listening and speech clarity. Whatever you decide to use, it’s important to learn
how to adjust the volume and mute capabilities prior to our events.
Zoom courtesy: please mute your sound when not talking.
• Option 1: Use the speaker and microphone that is built into your computer or tablet
• Option 2: Use a set of headphones that can be plugged in to your computer or

Nearly all computers and tablets have a built-in camera. If you have an older computer
without a camera, you will need to attach a webcam.

Workshops will be a combination of live demos, interactive feedback, and painting time.
You will have the opportunity to hold your painting up to your webcam to receive
feedback from the instructor. You will want to make sure you have good lighting so
they will be able to view it.

Artwork getting critiqued will need to be sent in advance. Watch for instructions in the
newsletter and NCSFA website

Zoom is the service provider for our virtual events. You do not need a Zoom
account to participate, but they do offer a free account if you would like to create

You will receive a Meeting ID from the NCSFA prior to our event via email.
On a computer
1. Open a browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.)
2. Go to
4. Type in Meeting ID
5. Click Join
6. Enter meeting password, if required

On a phone or tablet
1. Download ZOOM Cloud Meetings App
2. Open App
3. Click Join a Meeting
4. Type in Meeting ID
5. Click Join
6. Enter meeting password, if required

Zoom Tutorials
Zoom has numerous tutorials and videos on their website. Visit or one
of the links below.

Getting Started

Test Meeting

Joining a Meeting Video

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