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Donations for Scholarships or for the General Fund are 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE.
Your donation will go directly to our scholarships, unless you specifically designate it for the General Fund.

      1.  Fill out the Donation Form, scroll to the bottom and click on SUBMIT.  (this initiates your 1st email confirmation)

      2.  Then click on DONATE, enter the amount you want to pay, then, click on: DONATE WITH PAYPAL OR DONATE WITH A DEBIT OR CREDIT CARD.  (This will initiate your 2nd email confirmation.)

     (If "2" confirmations have not been received in your email, then you did not do the process correctly. ONLY repeat the item that you did not receive a confirmation from.)  


2023 Scholarship winner

Gavin Jin


2019 Scholorship winner

Anastaia Schas 


2022 Scholarship winner

Max Walpole

unnamed (9).jpg

2020 Scholorship winner

Jimmy Hernandez

Evangelina Shutko.jpeg

2021 Scholarship winner

Evangelina Shutko

Click SUBMIT. SCROLL UP to see your confirmation response. If the form doesn't submit, answer all of the required questions and click Submit again.

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