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Workshop 4
Bold Brush Painting

ZOOM - Tuesday, February 28, 2023

11:30 - 3:00

Bold Brush Painting with Gretchen Lopez
This workshop is designed to build your skills, help
you loosen up and gain more vitality and rhythm in
your work!
With the use of larger brushes, the artist will learn to
observe more, and navigate through the painting
adventure by working with shape, value and form.
In my demonstration I will be working from the still
life, and show you how to start the painting! We will
also discuss the limited palette!

Bold Brush Painting with Ranunculus.jpg
Pico de Gallo watercolor by Gretchen Lopez.jpg
The Trail Boss watercolor by Gretchen Lopez.jpg
First Thaw 11x14 oil by Gretchen Lopez.jpg


Cost is $40 for members and $50 for non members

1. Select the proper amount above the Pay Now button.

2. Click the Pay Now button. After you complete the payment process (you may have to wait several seconds) you will be automatically sent back to the workshop sign up form page.

3. Scroll down as you fill out the form and click Submit. You may be asked to authenticate.

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