SUPPLY LIST for Dianna Shyne

Included in this course, Dianna Shyne’s one-hour online lecture/presentation 

Harnessing the Power of Light

Plus an hour long paint along demo, and a half hour Q andA plus a simple , gentle critique

Participants will be emailed reference photos, class worksheets and/or informative handouts.



Other mediums …use a limited palette one red, one yellow two blues, and an opaque white, your favorite surface (paper, canvas etc.), and brushes 


A canvas 16 x 20*
Or any size that you feel comfortable with.
Something to practice on...(small canvas or canvas paper)


Brushes: I prefer Princeton SNAP Brushes for acrylics. 

#10 Princeton Snap or Catalyst
#4 Flat Princeton Snap or Princeton Catalyst
Small round
Princeton Catalyst Color Shaper 3/4 inch (optional) 

Stuff: Mastersons Stay Wet Acrylic Palette Papers. 11 x 15 Mastersons Stay Wet Palette. 11 x 15
(or your own palette that you can keep wet)
Shop Towels brand paper towels any good quality paper towels Water tub. 

Paint Pigment List: (Acrylic Paints)

Ultramarine Blue, Cadmium Yellow Medium, Quinacridone Red or Primary Red, Titanium White
Phthalo Blue Green Shade*

optional Carbon Black* Optional