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SUPPLY LIST for Janet Keto


-reference PHOTO of a favorite piece of pie or cake 

-8x10 CANVAS board

-GEL PLATE (nice to have 8x10)but at least a 5x7 or 6x6 (Gelli Arts Plate or Gel Press brands make various sizes) available on Amazon

-2.5 “ or 4” BRAYER for printing 


-LOTS of PAPERS-such as *copy, *deli, *art tissue,*book pages, calligraphy, mulberry, printed matter, old letters, doilies, etc.  No magazine pages(ink bleeds). Printing goes quickly so you need a good supply ready to use.

-variety of any type of ACRYLIC paints and colors—-tube, fluid, even craft paints; need WHITE 

-large scissors

-small scissors are handy for collaging

-chopstick, popsicle stick, straw or other smooth edge drawing utensils (end of a brush)

-gloss or matte GEL MEDIUM, small jar; NO ModPodge (it never dries completely)

-a few acrylic BRUSHES for collaging

-any stencils, rubber stamps or textured items you already own or have around the house (leaves, comb, lace, plastic fork, old credit card, string, toilet paper cardboard)



-gloves, apron

-water container

-paper towels

-table cover

-pencil, eraser

-envelopes or baggies for saving small papers

-spray bottle of water

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