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Rise Parberry Supply List


Collage Layer by Layer

There will be an instructional handout available for anyone who would like to make their own unique papers at home. I will bring a kit for each student containing the following: two mat boards (roughly 5”x 7”) sealed with gesso, several strips of hand painted paper, a mixture of distilled H20 and Liquitex Gloss Medium and Varnish in lidded plastic deli cups. I will have a jar on the supply table for small donations to help defray my expenses as you feel is appropriate.
A small support board to which you will tape the 5 x 7 collage you are building
Masking Tape
#11 Exacto Knife and Several Sharp Blades and a surface to cut on
Brayer (very important) A credit card, small squeegee, or bone folder would also work in place of a brayer. 
Straight Edge
½”and 1” Flat Synthetic Brushes
One water container, Paper Towels
Any Papers you have painted—no precolored or magazine pages, Please!
Apron? Gloves?
Your Explorational and Creative Spirit!!!!
Questions?? Call Risë at (858) 483-6566

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