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North County Society Fine Arts :

Scholarship 2024

Once again North County Society of Fine Arts is offering an Art Scholarship to qualified graduating high school seniors planning to continue their education in the field of fine art in college. This is an opportunity to win a local scholarship with a small pool of applicants and a streamlined process for the application. Applications are completed on line as well as an interview by Zoom. The student applicant is asked to prepare and must send by Email the Power Point presentation of their artwork prior to their interview. Students interested in applying should contact their counselors or art teachers.

Seniors graduating in 2024 from:
Del Norte, Mt. Carmel, Poway, Rancho Bernardo and Westview

are eligible for 2024 NCSFA Scholarships

DEADLINE: March 22, 2024


Before applying, click the link below to view the application. Then have your answers prepared BEFORE starting the application. While you may be able to edit your responses, you cannot save un-submitted forms. You cannot submit a form without answering all questions. You will get an email after you respond, providing you with a link if you wish to edit your application later. If you lose this link, you will be unable to edit, and it is better to submit the application as well prepared as possible. Best wishes for all applying. You must submit an application by the deadline to get invited to interview.


After submission of application: The Scholarship Committee will review your submissions.


PROCESS: (This has changed due to Covid19)

Interviews will be scheduled in late March into April with each applicant. All interviews will be done on Zoom. The committee has asked the student to prepare a Power Point presentation of their artwork to be emailed to prior to your scheduled interview. The committee would like to see about 8 pieces of your art with a variety of subject matter, media, and approaches. The winners will be notified after all interviews are completed. The interviews consist of two major parts: 


In the first part of the interview, the committee will discuss the completed application form. This gives information on the colleges and universities that the applicant has pursued and/or been accepted to, financial support approaches, his/her vocational goals, personal history in art both formally and informally, the influence of others, and involvement in organizations-school clubs, involvement in creative and practical arts, athletics, awards, theater, science fair, and hobbies. During the interview, applicants are given the opportunity to add pertinent information concerning special needs within the family, and it ends with an invitation to "brag on themselves" and to say why they should receive a scholarship.


In the second part of the interview, the student shares his/her work with the committee through the Power Point presentation. 

The choice of artwork for the Power Point should demonstrate a range of different subject matter, different media and approaches, to show the student's interests and talents. The discussion centers on the background of the choice, the reasons for creating the piece, and what the artist was trying to achieve.


Each interview takes approximately thirty minutes to forty minutes.


The final stage in the scholarship selection process follows this course of action:

Each committee member individually reviews her notes and gives a preliminary ranking to all the applicants.


The committee meets to confer on this ranking. The discussion includes individual response to each applicant, and referral to the Power Point presentation of the students artwork. Students are then notified. Each applicant is contacted. Those who have not been awarded a scholarship are encouraged to continue to develop their skills and to persevere towards reaching their goals. 


The Scholarship Winner is promoted by North County Society of Fine Arts with an article and photo in the local newspapers and at the school's end-of-year award ceremony, if available. This scholarship has a small pool of applicants to draw from and will be awarding any where for $500 to $2000. Best of luck.

Questions about the scholarship process -  Contact Page Ginns at

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